The Brilliant Minded Women Organization was founded in 2014 and expanded into non profit Foundation in 2016.

The Brilliant Minded Women Foundation is a non profit organization whose primary focus is to advance post secondary education by providing publicly available scholarships and bursaries to female students throughout Canada. In addition, our foundation provides coaching and mentorship to the selected students that receive our assistance.

The scholarship program is designed to assist and recognize the achievements of women that are making a difference in their communities. These individuals have displayed a personal drive to pursue academic excellence, leadership and/or entrepreneurship.

Our mandate is to be a partial solution to the student loan debt crisis. As student debts continue to rise in North America, millions of students are completing post-secondary education with large debts that they struggle to repay after graduating. Due to these financial challenges, many students choose not to continue with post-secondary education and unfortunately neglect to pursue their dreams. Together we can change this!

Our yearly goal is to raise $200,000.00 to provide scholarships to 14 young women. We are looking for organizations and individuals that are passionate about our cause, and are willing to support our endeavors with financial contributions.

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