Tanya Chernova Brilliant Minded Women Foundation
Scholarship Ambassador
I am honoured and inspired to be the Brilliant Minded Women Organization and Foundation Ambassador, raising scholarship funds through the Phora/ Mikla Skin Care. I wholeheartedly support and nurture their efforts to instil the success values I hold dearest to my heart: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, Philanthropy, Personal Growth and Dreams Come True. Why I love Skin Care for Scholarships: In Russia, my mother was an esteemed dermatologist who created creams that healed gangrene without amputation. Upon our immigration to Winnipeg in 1979, she was unable to practice as a licensed doctor and instead built her reputation and business as Canada’s most sought-after skin specialist. I was privileged to work under her mentorship from the age of 12, in her salon - Skin International, while going to Beauty College in the evenings. I was certified in every service known to the salon and spa industry and became Canada’s youngest government licensed aesthetician by the age of 14. I enrolled in University at 16 and it was ultimately my passion for skin care that paid for my business and psychology degree – and lit my lifelong love for entrepreneurship, leadership and so much more. Although today I am a global force for transformation and success, I maintain my roots in the skin care industry with my own brand of non-surgical facelift products and the many courses I teach to further the Beauty and Wellness Industry. My goal is to empower each person with a vision for success to live their dreams. I love the partnership that Brilliant Minded Women has forged with PHORA/MIKLA (philosophy) and their VISI line, which literally means Leadership. The products meet and exceed my standards for purity, texture and performance and I’m thrilled to endorse the purchase of these products by anyone who is looking to maintain the healthy and youthful appearance of their skin. Every time you purchase the PHORA/MIKLA line of skincare, you are supporting a future leader in gaining the education required to live their dreams – and further yours. I am honoured to be the recipient of the Brilliant Minded Women Global Excellence Award 2016 and am delighted to work together to strengthen the entrepreneurs of today – and the leaders of tomorrow. Brilliant Minded Women Foundation Scholarship Ambassador (click here to play video). Tanya Chernova