The nominee, in the duration of her lifetime living or posthumously, had a transformative impact on the lives of her community and/or business. Her legacy will be remembered among future generations.

The nominee has long-termly impacted the lives of her community, fellowship, family, and business. She displays wisdom and depth of service that has made a significant difference to individuals or groups.

The nominee has made a significant impact on her own charity and delivered sustainable benefit to communities. Her charitable work will leave a footprint for future charities to follow and for future generations to remember.

The nominee has been instrumental in the rapid growth of her organization at home and abroad. She and her team help educate the wider community about best practices in that regard.

The nominee, in the duration of her political tenure or posthumously, has impacted the lives of her community, caucus, family, and business. Her role has brought positive change wherein her legacy will carry on for future generations to honour.

The nominee assisted local service-oriented organizations, including educational, cultural, or sporting initiatives. Her efforts meaningfully contributed to community development. Through dedicating her time, talent and actions she serves as a role model.

The nominee has dedicated years to actively and intentionally developing herself.  Through her success she gives back to her community, offering mentorship and encouragement that would allow others to follow in her footsteps and live their best selves. The nominee exemplifies awareness, encouragement, grace and poise.

The nominee has impacted others to grow as artists and entertainers by inspiring communities to explore their work. She raises awareness of the important role arts and entertainment play in the development of the community.

The nominee dedicated over 150 hours per year to community volunteering, and in so doing she effectuated positive change.  She consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion and service to either one or many organizations.

The nominee has contributed to the wellbeing of many by working with aspects of the natural human experience, including wellness, spirituality, and balance.

The nominee, during her academic career, has exemplified leadership amongst her peers and has actively participated in extracurricular programs while maintaining an 80% grade point average or higher. She demonstrates the qualities of good citizenship and has positively contributed to her school and the broader community.

The nominee has made a significant mark internationally. She has been a substantial positive force in the international exchange of culture, knowledge and ideas and has built bridges between cultures through international activities.

The nominee has actively promoted the welfare of others through giving generous financial and in-kind support to communities in need. She demonstrates outstanding civic and charitable responsibility and encourages others to share their generosity in similar ways.

The nominee has overcome significant personal challenges with perseverance and grace. She shares her wisdom on the journey of recovery with others seeking hope and strength to overcome their challenges.