Brilliant Minded Women at the Serenada Event Polish consulate, June 11 2016

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Lunch with Earl Potocki
April 2016, Toronto

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Louching Polcast Polish Consulate, Toronto June 17/2016

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international competition about knowledge of Poland
June 12, 2016
The John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre Mississauga

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VIP event for Bonnie crombie, 12 may 2016

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"Echa Salonu", 15 March 2016
Polish Consulate

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International women day in Jan Pawel Centre, 13 March 2016

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Polish Chamber of commerce gala May 6th /2016
Huge thank you to : Hair style and makeup by Iwona Mirzynska

IMG_1381 IMG_1170 IMG_1174 IMG_1177 IMG_1178 CPCC COLLAGE FOR FB IMG_20160506_220320 IMG_20160506_220446 IMG_20160506_220635 IMG_20160506_221712 IMG_20160506_221747 IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1174 IMG_1178 IMG_1143 IMG_1144 IMG_1146 IMG_1147

Trust 15 Gala, April 16 2016

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Jarold Jonhson Event April 4 2016

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Introduction Brilliant Minded Women in Montreal January 17/2016

IMG_0393 IMG_0398 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0404 BMW Gifts pictures

Polish Consulate event - 17 Jan-2016

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Support event - dinner and cigar launch - January 2016

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Inglot event 28 November 2015
makeup - Daniel Horvath
Hair stylist- Iwona Mirzynska

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Brilliant Minded Women Gala, 7 November 2015

Brilliant_Minded_Women_001 Brilliant_Minded_Women_002 Brilliant_Minded_Women_003 Brilliant_Minded_Women_004 Brilliant_Minded_Women_007 Brilliant_Minded_Women_008 Brilliant_Minded_Women_009 Brilliant_Minded_Women_010 Brilliant_Minded_Women_011 Brilliant_Minded_Women_012 Brilliant_Minded_Women_013 Brilliant_Minded_Women_014 Brilliant_Minded_Women_015 Brilliant_Minded_Women_016 Brilliant_Minded_Women_017 Brilliant_Minded_Women_018 Brilliant_Minded_Women_019 Brilliant_Minded_Women_020 Brilliant_Minded_Women_021 Brilliant_Minded_Women_022 Brilliant_Minded_Women_023 Brilliant_Minded_Women_024 Brilliant_Minded_Women_025 Brilliant_Minded_Women_026 Brilliant_Minded_Women_027 Brilliant_Minded_Women_028 Brilliant_Minded_Women_029 Brilliant_Minded_Women_030 Brilliant_Minded_Women_031 Brilliant_Minded_Women_032 Brilliant_Minded_Women_033 Brilliant_Minded_Women_034 Brilliant_Minded_Women_035 Brilliant_Minded_Women_036 Brilliant_Minded_Women_037 Brilliant_Minded_Women_038 Brilliant_Minded_Women_039 Brilliant_Minded_Women_040 Brilliant_Minded_Women_041 Brilliant_Minded_Women_043 Brilliant_Minded_Women_044 Brilliant_Minded_Women_045 Brilliant_Minded_Women_046 Brilliant_Minded_Women_047 Brilliant_Minded_Women_048 Brilliant_Minded_Women_049 Brilliant_Minded_Women_050 Brilliant_Minded_Women_051 Brilliant_Minded_Women_052 Brilliant_Minded_Women_053 Brilliant_Minded_Women_054 Brilliant_Minded_Women_055 Brilliant_Minded_Women_056 Brilliant_Minded_Women_057 Brilliant_Minded_Women_058 Brilliant_Minded_Women_059 Brilliant_Minded_Women_060 Brilliant_Minded_Women_061 Brilliant_Minded_Women_062 Brilliant_Minded_Women_063 Brilliant_Minded_Women_064 Brilliant_Minded_Women_065 Brilliant_Minded_Women_066 Brilliant_Minded_Women_067 Brilliant_Minded_Women_068 Brilliant_Minded_Women_069 Brilliant_Minded_Women_070 Brilliant_Minded_Women_071 Brilliant_Minded_Women_072 Brilliant_Minded_Women_073 Brilliant_Minded_Women_074 Brilliant_Minded_Women_075 Brilliant_Minded_Women_076 Brilliant_Minded_Women_077 Brilliant_Minded_Women_078 Brilliant_Minded_Women_079 Brilliant_Minded_Women_080 Brilliant_Minded_Women_081 Brilliant_Minded_Women_082 Brilliant_Minded_Women_083 Brilliant_Minded_Women_084 Brilliant_Minded_Women_085 Brilliant_Minded_Women_086 Brilliant_Minded_Women_087 Brilliant_Minded_Women_088 Brilliant_Minded_Women_089 Brilliant_Minded_Women_090 Brilliant_Minded_Women_091 Brilliant_Minded_Women_092 Brilliant_Minded_Women_093 Brilliant_Minded_Women_094 Brilliant_Minded_Women_095 Brilliant_Minded_Women_096 Brilliant_Minded_Women_097 Brilliant_Minded_Women_098 Brilliant_Minded_Women_099 Brilliant_Minded_Women_100 Brilliant_Minded_Women_101 Brilliant_Minded_Women_102 Brilliant_Minded_Women_103 Brilliant_Minded_Women_104 Brilliant_Minded_Women_105

Inglot -makeup by beauty artists - December 5 2014

IMG_1303 IMG_1304 IMG_1305 IMG_1306 IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1309 IMG_1310

Brilliant Minded Women Gala 2014, NOVEMBER 27, 2014
Paramount Conference centre - Woodbridge

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Celebration of 25 years of Polish freedom

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Found raising 7 in Barrie market 400

IMG_0458 IMG_0461

Aegis Beauty event at Aegis Studio - February 3 2016

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Recognition for sponsors:

INGLOT event November 28/2015
makeup - Daniel Horvath
Hair stylist- Iwona Mirzynska

Polish Chambers of Commerce Gala
May 8th/ 2016
Makeup and hair - Iwona Mirzynska

Gala 2014- November /24/2014
Hair and makeup by - artists from "New You" Salon and Spa
Dress- Freda's boutique

Gala November 7 /2015
Hair style and makeup - Pierre Lalande
Dress and Jewerelly - Freda's Boutique