The Brilliant Minded Women Organization and Foundation are thankful to their kind and generous sponsors. Donations and belief from generous people like you help us in realising our mission to help the bright individuals who want to make a difference to the world around them.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you for your commitment towards the noble cause of uplifting the society through opportunities to pursue dreams and vision for a better world. Our efforts have met with success due to the relentless support of sponsors like you and we will continue to strive to realize our goal making it a worldwide goal and reality. We believe, Together We Can make this world a better place.


2014 – 2022

  • Aerohill Engine Rebuilders Inc
  • Agata Iwicki
  • Agata Wisniewski
  • Alex Milosavlevic&Tim Hortons
  • Alfreda Rzepa
  • Alpha Oil Inc.
  • Altitude Investments Inc
  • Amberes Repairs Ltd
  • Amy Salon Hair Nails Spa
  • Andre Ratajczak
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  • Andrew Sudyk
  • Anna Turek,B.A.,SRES
  • Attar Metals
  • Bargains Group
  • Bartex Import
  • Bernard Polanski
  • Best Northern
  • Bonnie Levy
  • Bozena Poczyniak
  • Brian & Betzy Marco
  • Building Envelope Consulting
  • Burger Cellar
  • Caroline Williams–MNP Miss
  • Coleman Containers Limited
  • Connie & Phil Buchanan
  • Conrad Jureczek
  • Consulat General RP Toronto
  • Dariusz Kielbasa
  • Donna M Clayton
  • Dr Chester Budziak
  • Dr Teresa Schellenberg
  • Dr’S Eckler & Black
  • Eddie’S Meat & Deli 
  • Ellen Schwartz
  • Elizabeth Tobolski
  • Elzbieta Mul
  • Euro Optical
  • Evelyn Bailey 
  • Ewa Style Inc
  • Ewa and Dariusz Wantuch
  • Faye Williams
  • Fern Wolf
  • Fia Plumbing & Heating Ltd
  • Filien Tores Lyn
  • Franca Bitonte
  • Franklin Haluage Excav.Inc
  • Freemont Landscaping Inc
  • FWM-Wine/Beer/Spirits
  • Giuliano Laboni
  • Grace Tomaszewski
  • Halina Szelag
  • Hazel Mccallion
  • Helen Nejmeh
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  • Hena Mian
  • Husky Food Importers
  • Irene Faria
  • Iryna Yakovenko
  • Iwona and Juliusz Kirejczyk
  • Iwona Ganczak Law
  • Jacek Markowski
  • Jennifer St Pierre
  • Jerzy & Alicja Tulinski
  • Joanna Klimczak
  • Joanna Laszkowska
  • Joe D’Amico
  • J & K Grzelczyk
  • John Terence
  • Jordan Gooden Photo
  • Joseph Lemire
  • Josie Wdowiak
  • Kaas Floral Design
  • Kamni Dhawan –MNP Miss
  • Kasia and Michal Kirejczyk
  • Kate and John Kiefte
  • Kate Kowalski
  • Kay Fenwick
  • Kelly Pontes
  • Kenneth Michalak
  • Klaudia Wojtanowski
  • Lago Cafee&Pizzeria
  • Lama Ramadan
  • Laura Camara
  • Lidia Ambroziak
  • Lucja Stec
  • Ludmila Schnider Photo
  • Maia&Dominik Kirejczyk
  • Marcin Tulinski
  • Maria Anania
  • Mario Miscioscia
  • Marissa Perez
  • Marta Pozniakowski
  • Maya Bee Day Care Inc
  • Mega City Linen
  • Mihran Akdulgeryan
  • Mlk Law -Maryanna Lerner
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  • Moonlight Lashes Inc.
  • Nadia Asfour- Nana Couture
  • Nova Printing
  • Olga Stret
  • Oracle Eyewear
  • Patricia Maldonado
  • Paula George
  • Patrick Klimczak
  • Peter Chachura- Humberview Insurance
  • Polo Auto
  • Przemyslaw Jureczek
  • Rain Liu
  • Reneshone Corp.
  • Reverse Aging Clinic
  • Rita Fragnito
  • Sandra Iwicki
  • Sensuelle Et Chic
  • Sonoma Heights Constr. Ltd
  • Starsky Fine Foods
  • Tamara Trojanowska
  • Tanya Chernova
  • Thao Nguyen
  • The Buchan Family Found.
  • Time Reverse
  • Truly You H&S Clinic
  • Urszula Urlich
  • Varone Brosauto Ltd
  • Vee Persaud
  • Vilma Felici
  • Violetta and Jacek Berek
  • Weronika and Patryk Sulima


Kate Kiefte

Kate Kiefte has been a summer cottage resident in Northern Ontario for over 20 years. She studied fine art in school and has developed and honed a unique talent for pen and ink drawing.

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The natural environment of the area nurtures and inspires her love of animals and is demonstrated in her detailed drawings. She is constantly adding to her collection of originals, as well, prints are made, signed and numbered in limited editions.
Kate has also had a fulfilling career as a Product Consultant in the Wine industry.
She is married to John Kiefte and they are the proud parents of three adult children.

Painting donated 2019.

Evelyn Bailey

Evelyn Bailey is a International Artist who’s profession centers around the use of visual arts to anchor people to powerful visions.

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Creator of EVALUTION, Evelyn believes Art is the most powerful form of communication. Her focus is to use art as a the #1 tool to human connection and self-awareness.

Evelyn uses traditional paintings to build assets by documenting influential people and their impact on the Canadian Economy. Her secondary service is in the power of Digital Art Media and is leading the forefront of unique innovative approaches to build Corporate influence that last a lifetime.

Painting donated 2018.

Natalie Sobo

Natalie Sobo is Toronto based artist.

After a break of about 15 years I have decided to gather myself together and to take my next step in my art.

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To make it happen I used old concepts and images that were destroyed in a flood. Redoing them with the new passion I found for acrylic painting has helped me make a step back to remember myself and get pieces together. Now I am ready to make a move forward.
I participate in art exhibitions on sites and online.

Painting donated 2017.

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