GALA 2019

Riviera Events & Convention Center

2800 Hwy 7, Concord, On
L4K 1W8

Invite & Agenda




Cheryl Francis

Consul General of St. Lucia in Toronto

 Italo Acha

Consul General of Peru in Toronto

Maurizio Bevilacqua

Mayor of Vaughan

Jill Dunlop

Associate Minister of Children & Women’s Issues

Marek Kramarski GCCSTS

Grand Prior of Poland

Deputy Grand Master

Maciej Kaliski GCCSTS

 Grand Prior of Canada

Jacek Zyrkowski GCCSTS

 Prior of Malopolska

Karolina Willman- Duralska

First Secretary Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ottawa

 Markus Haselrieder  

Global Networker & Philanthropist


The Order of Saint Stanislas is a Polish order of knighthood that was instituted in 1765 by the last Polish King before the partitions of the country, King Stanislaw August Poniatowski . It is deeply grounded in the history of the final years of the Kingdom of Poland before its dissolution (a Commonwealth Kingdom which included Polish Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus), and it is a symbol of Polish heritage and culture.

At present, the Order is awarded to people all over the world for their achievements in the fields of education, science, sport, culture, art, economics, national defense, social work, civil service and for furthering relations between countries.

Hazel McCallion

Andrzej Gadomski

Juliusz Kirejczyk

Kenneth Michalak

Sanju Ganglani

John Kiefte

Marie Buchan


Tanya Chernova

Awarded Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada (WXN & Financial Post), and Iconic Women Leaders of the Decade Envisioning a United World by the Women’s Global Economic Forum, Tanya Chernova is an engaging and charismatic expert in human behaviour, award winning speaker, business coach and #1 best-selling author who has inspired countless individuals in over 60 countries around the world. She has pioneered the ground breaking global empowerment organization Courageous Living and PNRT (Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy), a revolutionary and proven means of overcoming subconscious barriers and maximizing individual potential.

Tanya began her career in the health and wellness and became an internationally awarded entrepreneur at the age of 27 when she built her own brand of non-surgical facelift products, reaching 1 million dollars in sales her first year. Her degrees in business, neuro psychology and dozens of teaching certificates in business development, combined with her vast expertise in human behavior and the realm of neuroscience, make her uniquely suited to help entrepreneurs and their teams achieve breakthroughs in any work environment. Experience a fresh, engaging and scientifically proven approach to creating change and accelerating success.

Tanya Chernova

Evelyn Bailey

Evelyn Bailey is a International Artist who’s profession centers around the use of visual arts to anchor people to powerful visions.

Creator of EVALUTION, Evelyn believes Art is the most powerful form of communication. Her focus is to use art as a the #1 tool to human connection and self-awareness.

Evelyn uses traditional paintings to build assets by documenting influential people and their impact on the Canadian Economy. Her secondary service is in the power of Digital Art Media and is leading the forefront of unique innovative approaches to build Corporate influence that last a lifetime.

Armin Shafee

Almost dying at the age of 18, Armin Shafee was REBORN and made a life-altering decision to reset, redefine and redesign his life. That lead him on a long journey of studying and mastering the top sciences and philosophies in the world to take possession of his mind.

After using Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Philosophy to produce unheard of results in his own life and business, Armin was introduced to the President of Think and Grow Rich Institute which lead to their first-ever partnership and endorsement of Armin’s brand.

Armin is an award-winning International Speaker; the Vice President of Think and Grow Rich Institute; a Success Coach to thousands of entrepreneurs; a Certified Speaking Trainer; the upcoming author of the book, The Winner’s Manifesto; and the Founder of the international brands, Elite Speakers’ Academy and The REBORN Experience.



Grenville Pinto

Grenville Pinto

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Grenville (a.k.a. ‘G’) has been playing the violin since the age of seven. His musical abilities have been nurtured from a young age with continuous recitals and performances that have resulted in his love for the stage and entertaining others. He comes from a musical family, with his mother playing and teaching piano, his father who sings, and two sisters who are professional pianists and accompany Grenville regularly.

G was classically trained under the Royal Conservatory of Music, and was a member of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. While continuing his musical studies, he also earned an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree from McMaster University. In his hometown, G was an altar boy for 10 years, a runway model for Beaumonde Productions and part of the disc jockey group, Dynamic Tension. These experiences have contributed to Grenville’s sound religious roots, versatility and showmanship.

G now resides in Toronto and performs professionally across North America and Internationally for special events and concerts. His wide repertoire of music, bubbling personality, and love for entertaining others, are just a few reasons that make him a perfect addition to any special event!

Group of Ballerina Dancers, I.D.A.

I.D.A is a classical ballet school that offers private and semi-private lessons, as well as small classroom settings for beginner’s ballet. The school also offers a pre-professional/professional ballet program, where the focus is on training ballet dancers in the renowned Russian, Vaganova based method.

Our dedicated and disciplined students have gone on to attend highly prestigious summer programs and schools such as Canada’s National Ballet School, Paris Opera Ballet School, American Ballet Theatre Youth Program, The School of American Ballet, and The Royal Ballet School. Ida is extremely proud of the growth and progression of not only her school but also of her students. She takes pride in training her students and preparing them for any direction in life they may choose – whether it’s a professional dance company, a leader in the business world, or an entrepreneur themselves.

Group of Ballerina
Margaret Cordova

Margaret Cordova

Margaret Cordova, Brilliant Minded Women’s Student of the Year, is a folkloric dancer of Marinera Norteña, one of Peru’s most popular dances. Since debuting at a Toronto church in October 2015, Margaret went on to perform in numerous events, as well as compete in different cities all over Canada. Her amazing talent and elegancy as a dancer made her Campeona Juvenil in Montreal and Ottawa.

Arnold Cordova, Margaret’s younger brother, is also a dancer of Marinera Norteña, having won his share of titles as well. Most recently being Campeon Junior in Toronto this year and winning the 2019 First Pan American Star Award. Arnold has also participated in numerous dance competitions in the United States, and because of his talent and consistency, has been on podium in all US competitions he participated in 2019.

Both dancers belong to Así Baila Perú!, a Peruvian dance group and academy directed by Katherine Adrianzen, a Marinera Norteña World Champion. The group is dedicated to promoting Peruvian culture though various types of dances and prepares its members for dance competitions, events, and group presentations. The academy has been applauded and congratulated countless times for its spectacular performances and lovable members.

Tonia Evans Cianciulli

Tonia Evans Cianciulli is a multifaceted concert artist, enchanting her audiences across North America with her signature programs. Tonia is in high demand as a keynote performer for high profile events such as the Metro Toronto Police Chiefs Gala and the Miami Ball, and is a frequent performer at Toronto’s Casa Loma. Tonia uses her voice as an access to human vulnerability, to rally the support of her audiences at niche events for meaningful causes.  Born in Newfoundland, Tonia embarked on a journey to celebrate her rich cultural roots by reviving the life and legacy of Newfoundland’s first international opera singer, Georgina Stirling (1867-1935), aka, Nightingale of the North.

Her concert program, Nightingale Sings, has been toured extensively across the province of Newfoundland, in Toronto, Ottawa, Miami and beyond. In 2018 she was awarded a Canada Council for the Arts grant for this noteworthy and historical work. Tonia now celebrates the publishing of her debut book by Flanker Press Ltd., ‘The Heart’s Obsession – An Intimate Biography of Newfoundland Songstress Georgina Stirling’ has received early praise from Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea and Opera Canada Magazine. The release of her book was in tandem with a double record release with Newfoundland’s Citadel House label. Praised by CBC for shining a spotlight on two of the province’s most renowned musicians, Georgina Stirling and the late folk hero, Ron Hynes, Tonia brings new appreciation and life to their distinct songbooks.

Tonia lives between Toronto and Miami and homeschools her two children. She is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programing and offers programs and workshops through Wish Arts called An Artist’s Journey with focus on the psychological aspects of being an artist/performer. Shining a spotlight on emerging and established Canadian artists is her inspiring interview series, Artist’s Spotlight.

Tonia Cianciulli Headshot


Brilliant Minded Women Achievement Award Ceremony for the Recipients in  14 Categories from Years 2014-2018


  • Hazel McCallion


  • Dr. Jean Augustine

  • Yvonne Bogorya – Buczkowski

  • Iwona Ewa Kirejczyk

  • Dauna Jones Simmonds

  • Jody Steinhauer


  • Johanne Belanger

  • Margaret Bonikowska

  • Tanya Chernova

  • Ghada Hamadani

  • Fran Rider


  • Marcia Brown

  • Theresa Dugwell

  • Aniela Ganczak

  • Teresa Klimushko

  • Anna Lopes

  • Tania Malak

  • Iwona Malinowski

  • Tracey Moore

  • Mona Amine Osman

  • Nesrin Thabet

  • Beata Wecek & Edyta Jodelka


  • Enza Tiberi Checchia

  • Maria Esteves

  • Henah Ji

  • Lucja Stec

  • Svetlana Sonia Vaknin


  • Anne Balaban

  • Cozette Dagher

  • Sheri Majdpour

  • Doaa Mohsen

  • Jolanta Morgenstern

  • Lesley Page

  • Krystyna Piotrowska

  • Leslie Silvestri

  • Izabella Tinc

  • Iryna Yakovenko


  • Marilyn Field

  • Rita Fragnito

  • Saliena Ganglani

  • Bogumila Golebiowska

  • Carmela Kapeleris

  • Josie Morand Wdowiak

  • Marsha Pereira

  • Ellen Schwartz

  • Nadine Spencer


  • Carolyn Bennett

  • Bonnie Crombie

  • Nita Kang

  • Iqra Khalid

  • Dipika Damerla

  • Joyce Morocco


  • Joanne Andros

  • Rosanna Penilla Bharucha

  • Cozette Dagher

  • Ilona Girzewska

  • Freda Iordanous

  • Dorota Jakubowska

  • Alessandra Piccolo

  • Magdalena Stoch

  • Samra Zafar


  • Nadia Asfour

  • Laura Arci

  • Jane Katkova Brown

  • Rinku Deswal

  • Sabina DeVita

  • Lena Guirguis

  • Linda Leatherdale

  • Rain Liu

  • Meni Mancini

  • Kathia St Victor


  • Patti Jannetta Baker

  • Keya Bayramova

  • Maggie Habieda

  • Beata Kaas

  • Kristina Kulikova

  • Kinga Mitrowska

  • Maria Nowotarska

  • Marta Pozniakowski

  • Tina Tehranchian

  • Andrea Trentadue

  • Agata Wisniewski


  • Josephine Auciello

  • Angela DeMontigny

  • Danuta Domurad

  • Ida Gerasolo

  • Tabi Moazzam

  • Gabriela Nowak

  • Klementina Rys

  • Carol Starr Tylor

  • Shirley Wu


  • Graziella Milosavlevic

  • Maria Dubicki

  • Helen Nejmeh

  • Mariya Tarasio

  • Susan Woods


  • Natalie Castro Diaz

  • Margaret Cordova

  • Natalia Jureczek

  • Joanna Klimczak